Friday, January 25, 2013

Shell Scarf, Skinny and Wide

So, over Christmas, we were visiting my inlaws in Nebraska. It was great. I love my inlaws! As an added bonus, I got to sit and crochet, a LOT. I got to try new patterns, and even make up some of my own!  I was asked by someone if they could buy the pattern for an item in my Etsy Shop.  But, as that pattern was not originally mine, I wouldn't ever sell it! But, I'll link it here for you all!

This was the scarf that I made from a pattern on Crochet Mama's Blog. The pattern for ^^ Scarf can be found here:

After I'd mastered this one, and did a little math, I decided to try my hand at re-working it into a wider scarf. The one in the pattern above has four shells across. Mine, which I'll share shortly, has 6 Shells across.

Both scarves that I made, were made with one skein of Caron Simply Soft. I used an H hook. I just crocheted until I only had enough yarn left to sew the two ends together to make in an infinity scarf.

Here's Mine:

 You can see that it's just a bit wider, and because it was my plan to still only use one skein of Caron Simply Soft, it is a bit shorter.

So, the pattern for the wider scarf, written by me (my first one ever!) is as follows:

Ch 24
4 dc in the 4th ch from the hook
*Skip 3 ch
5 dc in the next ch*

Repeat from * to * across. You should have 6 shells, making the last set of 5 dc in the last chain.

**Ch 3
4dc in the center (3rd stitch)  dc of the first shell
5 dc in the center (3rd stitch) dc of each shell from the previous row.**

repeat from ** to ** until you run out of yarn or reach your desired length. then fold the scarf in half, and either single crochet or stitch through the two ends, joining them together.

 That's It! Simple!

If you have any questions about this pattern, please let me know! Please do NOT redistribute the pattern, but feel free to link back here! You may sell any items you make with this pattern.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I feel good

Not great, but good.

On November 20th, a friend of mine, Connie Roth, passed away from a car accident that she an her three children were in 2 weeks previous. She and her husband were originally friends with my parents, but over the year of my pre-mommy career (pro photographer), I became very close to Connie as I photographed her three children.

This morning, there was a breakfast benefit and silent auction for Connie's family, to help with the medical bills from her two week fight in the hospital. I was able to donate a Ruffle Scarf, and four Fashionista Scarves to the silent auction.

A friend of mine, whom I know only through the Internet (but am quite close to), Katie, donated some children's aprons from her shop Katie's Sew Crafty.

I wasn't able to stay at the breakfast long, but was happy to see that my scarves, as well as the aprons, were bringing in bids. I don't know what the final bids were, but can safely say that I feel that I've helped Connie's family. I hope Katie knows how much her donation meant to me personally, as well as what it will mean for the family.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New scarf!

Clearly, this one is so new I haven't even had time to put the images on the computer yet! This soft ruffle scarf is both warm and beautiful, according to my model!

Long enough to wrap around the neck twice, as shown in this image. Flower detaches and clips to where you'd like it to keep the scarf in place.

Not in the etsy shop yet, but still available! Send an email to with your email address and your color choice, you may choose a second color for the flower if you'd like. I will send you an invoice for your scarf. Payment must be received to confirm order! $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Totally Fall Cake

1 yellow cake mix, prepare as written
1 can of pumpkin pie filling
A bunch of cinnamon
Not as much pumpkin pie spice
1 cup brown sugar
vanilla pudding mix
1.5 cups of milk

Mix the pie filling, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice together. Sprinkle the brown sugar on top Bake in a 9x13 as directed. When cooled, spread your mixed pudding on top as frosting.

Super yummy fall cake!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I took some of those make your own popsicle molds from Walmart, 2 bucks I think, and poured applesauce in them instead of juice or some other liquid. BIG hit!

They don't really drip at all, so the girls were actually able to get the whole Popsicle in their bellies! Even when te outer layer went soft, it stayed put! Te girls thought they were getting a great treat! Think of all the fruit blend possibilities!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here's my current Work in Progress!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Daddy Proof Packing

My family and I went to KC over the weekend for my cousin's confirmation. We went a couple days early and met my in-laws as well... it's a good halfway point for us to meet them! Having two girls who are almost the same size, we (read 'my husband') gets confused as to which clothes go with which of our girls. Some of their clothes can be worn by either, but they are just different enough in size that most of their clothes can really be worn by only one of them. 

I've tried several different methods of packing to make things easier for quick dressing in the mornings, and think I have finally found the BEST way!

I rolled up each full day's outfit, pants and top and secured it with a rubberband. I took masking tape and labeled each outfit 'K1' or 'K2'. That's it!

It was great to be able to just grab an outfit to put on the girls, and they were easy to just grab one and toss it in the diaper bag as a spare outfit!

My husband has labeled this method 'The Daddy Proof Method'...