Sunday, September 25, 2011

So, name brand is always better huh?

Guess this will be a product review! My first one!

My husband and I have no problem using 'off brand' diapers. Lets face it, it's something they pee into, why spend extra $$ if they work right? So, we've been using Parent's Choice (Walmart) and Up and Up (Target) for our 2 girls. 

This weekend, P&G had a diaper changing station set up at our county fair, and they were also handing out free diapers. So, we got about 15 (very nice of them!) in various sizes. We put my 19 month old in a size 6 Pampers last night. She normally wears size 5, but, sometimes wets through them. We thought "hey, won't have to change the sheets in the morning!"

Boy, were we wrong! She was completely drenched. Her pajamas were soaked, sheets, pillow, blanket and stuffed animals. ALL, soaked. Even when she wets through normally, it's never this bad.

So, my overall rating? Not the best! Now of course, that's just my family. I know plenty of other people who have the opposite issues! And my daughter usually drinks 2 bottles or sippies through the night, as many toddlers don't.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainbow Iceburgs

My older daughter, who just turned 19 months, gets bored with her bath toys fairly easily. So, to mix things up, I tried an ice cube trick I'd seen on another website. So, I gave it a shot. Filled an ice cube tray with water, added food coloring drops to each section, and mixed them up with a knife.

I was so excited to try them out!
 I dumped the whole tray into the tub, so she'd have variety and get the 'excitement factor' full tilt... She did love them, but I learned a few thing:

1. They melt really fast in a warm bath, so next time I'll either add them 2 at a time so the experience lasts longer, or freeze big cubes in a tupperware container.

2. If you do all the colors in the box, like I did, by the time they melt, it looks like someone poured a can of coke into the bath... gross! So, I'll probably just do colors that will mix attractively next time. Blue and Green cubes OR Red and Blue cubes etc. 

However, at the end of it all... they were a hit!

Monday, September 19, 2011

German Chocolate Cake... with a Southern twist!

In this world, I have a few things that make me smile, whether I'm sad, angry,  having a night with my family, or out with my girlfriends. One of those never fail things, like most women I know, is chocolate. So, it seemed fitting that my first recipe post, was about chocolate!

My husband's favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake, complete with the gooey pecan and coconut frosting. I try to make it for him for his birthday every year, and just to be nice through out the year. 

A couple of years ago, we were visiting his family in super south Arkansas. A family friend brought over a cake that he instantly fell in love with. It was a large thin chocolate sheet cake that this sweet woman had poked holes in with a fork, then poured Sweetened Condensed Milk over. It was incredibly rich,... and oh so yummy! 

Last week, just to let him know how much I appreciate his hard work, I decided to make a combination of these two cakes. With my 2u2 (2 babies under the age of 2) girls, making things from scratch just doesn't happen much, so I used cake from a box and frosting from a can (don't tell Martha Stewart!). I baked the cake, then used chopsticks to poke holes in the cake, then poured Sweetened Condensed Milk over it, spread out with a spatula. I microwaved the frosting for 30 seconds so that it would be easier to spread because the SC Milk had made the top of the cake super moist and sticky.

My husband loved it, so did my 18 month old daughter! 

The SC Milk kept the cake super moist and gooey till we finished it (which wasn't long)!