Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bell Bottom Leg Warmers and Flower Headband!

New listing in the Etsy Shop! Custom Hand Made Bell Bottom Legwarmers and Flower Headband! I love this set (and my little model too)!

A custom designed cozy little set for the sweet little girl in your life! This set will be made in whichever colors you desire!

When you place this order, please send which colors you would like for the leg warmers, headband, flower petals, and flower center. The 'ring' around the center of the flower will be made to match the headband unless stated otherwise! Please also let me know if you'd like a yarn with several different shades in it (as shown) or a solid color. If you have a yarn in mind, you can send me a link and I'll purchase it for your item. Doing this, however, may result in an additional charge if it is higher priced than my standard yarn.

The Item will ship within 2-4 weeks, though rushing will be available for an additional charge.

These items are also listed for purchase separately.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Site to See!

I love when I find a new blog to follow. Sometimes, I really get into a slump of what to cook, what to wear, where to shop, where to eat, or somewhere for my creative outlet.

This new Site to See is a cooking blog of a mom with 2 young girls (much like myself, no wonder I like her!). Her recipes are down to earth and simple. Most importantly for me, and the limited groceries in my town, you can find most of her ingredients at even the more basic grocery stores!

Follow this blog and get ready for some yummy times!


I've recently decided to try couponing... Hey, what can I say, the people on TLC's Extreme Couponing make it look so fun (ok, not really fun, but saving all that money sure looks fun!). A friend of mine recently took a couponing class, and she was so excited about it, well, I'm giving it a shot!

There are so many sites for printing coupons, and even direct from a company's site, however, finding the coupons by mail is the tough part. The 'real' coupons. Not all stores will take the printed ones, only the ones put out in magazines or directly from companies.

Technically, it is illegal to sell coupons. You can go to e-bay and buy coupons there, and you'll notice that all of the listings have a note stating that you're not paying for the coupon, only the clipper's time. Some couponers take issue with this, others don't. It's up to you.

Of course, we all knew it wouldn't be long till someone came up with a website specifically for this purpose...

I just happened to stumble across it, haven't used it yet. But, for those of you who would like to dip your toes in the waters of couponing, this may be something you're interested in!

There is a handeling fee for each coupon, and I haven't found a shipping cost listed, so I'm really not sure what that is, if there is any. It has the coupon value, the expiration date, etc. listed under each item. They also state how many coupons of each product they have, so you may choose to 'buy' as many as you'd like!

If anyone does use this site, please let me know how it goes!

Beechnut Starter Kid

I've gotten this before, so not sure if this is a new one or not. However, these tend to be pretty good deals! Several freebie coupons AND BOGO free coupons. Definietly worth the sign up! If you don't need them, donate them to a food bank please!

Crystal Light

Printable $1.00 coupon from Crystal Light!

P&G Sampler

Did you know you can get a box of free samples and coupons from Procter and Gamble every 3 months?!? It's pretty great! Sign up with your freebie e-mail address, and mark it on your calendars. Go back every 3 months and click the boxes for the samples and coupons that you want! These are usually pretty great samples, and the coupons tend to be for at least a dollar, but usually more! You'll use the same log in information every time. Enjoy!

Hero Nutritionals Sample

 All four of these pictures are on the sample page, so not sure which one is the sample. Sounds like there is a coupon coming with it too! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The little cheap things

I'm a mom of 2u2 ( two kids under the age of two). I try to save where I can! I especially like to save on the things that are just for enjoyment, and are going to be gone and forgotten the moment it's out of sight. They'll never remember the consistency of the cheap play-doh vs the name brand, they'll only know that they look happy in the pictures. The bubbles that they are blowing ( and spilling all over the yard)? Never going to care that I paid 50 cents for them!

So, my cheapie product that I love today? This Dollar Tree bubble bath:

The girls love it! And I love the way it smells! Yummy! Does it produce the most bubbles in the world? No... but, it does make enough to satisfy my 2 little girls, and at a buck, it has definitely provided more than a dollars worth of entertainment!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Things have been a bit stressful for me the past couple of weeks with Christmas. However, have no fear that I'll be back to my regularly frequent postings in no time!