Saturday, December 1, 2012

I feel good

Not great, but good.

On November 20th, a friend of mine, Connie Roth, passed away from a car accident that she an her three children were in 2 weeks previous. She and her husband were originally friends with my parents, but over the year of my pre-mommy career (pro photographer), I became very close to Connie as I photographed her three children.

This morning, there was a breakfast benefit and silent auction for Connie's family, to help with the medical bills from her two week fight in the hospital. I was able to donate a Ruffle Scarf, and four Fashionista Scarves to the silent auction.

A friend of mine, whom I know only through the Internet (but am quite close to), Katie, donated some children's aprons from her shop Katie's Sew Crafty.

I wasn't able to stay at the breakfast long, but was happy to see that my scarves, as well as the aprons, were bringing in bids. I don't know what the final bids were, but can safely say that I feel that I've helped Connie's family. I hope Katie knows how much her donation meant to me personally, as well as what it will mean for the family.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New scarf!

Clearly, this one is so new I haven't even had time to put the images on the computer yet! This soft ruffle scarf is both warm and beautiful, according to my model!

Long enough to wrap around the neck twice, as shown in this image. Flower detaches and clips to where you'd like it to keep the scarf in place.

Not in the etsy shop yet, but still available! Send an email to with your email address and your color choice, you may choose a second color for the flower if you'd like. I will send you an invoice for your scarf. Payment must be received to confirm order! $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Totally Fall Cake

1 yellow cake mix, prepare as written
1 can of pumpkin pie filling
A bunch of cinnamon
Not as much pumpkin pie spice
1 cup brown sugar
vanilla pudding mix
1.5 cups of milk

Mix the pie filling, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice together. Sprinkle the brown sugar on top Bake in a 9x13 as directed. When cooled, spread your mixed pudding on top as frosting.

Super yummy fall cake!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I took some of those make your own popsicle molds from Walmart, 2 bucks I think, and poured applesauce in them instead of juice or some other liquid. BIG hit!

They don't really drip at all, so the girls were actually able to get the whole Popsicle in their bellies! Even when te outer layer went soft, it stayed put! Te girls thought they were getting a great treat! Think of all the fruit blend possibilities!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here's my current Work in Progress!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Daddy Proof Packing

My family and I went to KC over the weekend for my cousin's confirmation. We went a couple days early and met my in-laws as well... it's a good halfway point for us to meet them! Having two girls who are almost the same size, we (read 'my husband') gets confused as to which clothes go with which of our girls. Some of their clothes can be worn by either, but they are just different enough in size that most of their clothes can really be worn by only one of them. 

I've tried several different methods of packing to make things easier for quick dressing in the mornings, and think I have finally found the BEST way!

I rolled up each full day's outfit, pants and top and secured it with a rubberband. I took masking tape and labeled each outfit 'K1' or 'K2'. That's it!

It was great to be able to just grab an outfit to put on the girls, and they were easy to just grab one and toss it in the diaper bag as a spare outfit!

My husband has labeled this method 'The Daddy Proof Method'...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Yesterday was my oldest daughters's 2nd birthday. Wow! Where did those two years go?! We had a nice small family get together, and although not everyone that we were hoping to see were able to make it, we had fun with those who did!

I decided to make potato salad to go with supper (my first time ever making it!). I decided to skip the traditional seasonings and create my own. I know I'm not the first one to come up with this, but I'm still proud of it!

You'll need:
5lbs of potatoes, diced into whatever size you like for your potato salad.
1 dozen hard boiled eggs, again, chopped to your size preference
Bacon bits
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Mayo (I used about 2-2.5 cups, but it was a little dry in the end, so feel free to play with this amount)

Mix it all up and chow down! I know some potato salads are served hot or cold, and u think this could be one, but I'm not sure how it would be re-heated because of the eggs. I served it cold and got lots of complements!

Be prepared, my recipe fed 8 adults and a 2 year old and we only ate about a 3rd of what I made!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Easter Bonnets

Remember Easter Bonnets? Those cute little straw hats with the ribbons and flowers on them? I loved Easter because that meant getting to wear a hat to church, to my Grandma's house etc. I never thought they were very comfortable, but I still liked them!

Now that I have two little girls of my own, I've noticed that Easter Hats/Bonnets aren't really readily available anymore! It's kind of a lost little tradition now. Really though, even if I could find them, since they do tend to be so scratchy, I doubt I could keep my girls from tearing them off in 30 seconds or less! I'd still like them to have Easter Hats though, so I made one!

I think this would be cute all spring and summer anyways, but especially on Easter! Don'tchya just love it! I do!

This hat is listed in my Etsy Shop!

Blackberry Puffball Hat

I'm SO excited to show off my newest creation! I've had this particular ball of yarn sitting around forever. I'd bought it when I first learned to crochet, and quickly found out that it's not the easiest yarn to work with, espcecially for a beginner. I got frustrated and put it away. I pulled it out a couple of nights ago to practice making this hat for someone who'd requested it for a newborn. The yarn had not come in yet, but I didn't want my first run to be with yarn that was actually for an order (just in case I totally tore up the yarn!), and here's the end result! I'm in love with it!!!

This hat is available in my Etsy Shop!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Have you ever noticed how something so simple that your child does can just make your heart sing?

My eldest daughter cracks me up. She loves this hat that I made for her. She wears it daily, all day, every day. Sometimes, she even asks for it before she goes to bed at night. She likes to sleep in it!

I find it to be one of those things that just makes her so unique. And yes, I realize there are probably hundreds of kids out there who have a particular hat or other article of clothing that they do this with, but this is MY child, so it's special to ME :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snowflake on a Double Skinny

Anyone else notice the lack of snow this winter? Yesterday and today I was able to take my girls to the park in nothing more than a sweatshirt on both of them... One little boy was playing barefoot!

Amidst this 'non-winter' I did happen to come accross one cute little snowflake... On my daughter's head that is! I made this little headband for her hours before we left to go to church on Christmas Eve. She's not a big headband girl, in fact, this was the first one she ever kept on! My guess is that the two little bands are so light, she didn't really notice they were there.

The bands are not stitched together, so they can appear as one or be separated to look like to even skinnier bands! I made this with a snowflake for Christmas, but I can also create it with a flower, heart, clover, Easter egg, or any other idea you've got for it! Just let me know and I'll create a custom listing for you in my Etsy Shop.

This item is listed in my Etsy Shop!

Hat and Scarf set

2 years ago for Christmas, I gave my sister an IOU for this hat and scarf. I'd had every intention of finishing it before Christmas Eve (when we do gifts), and I was pretty on my game with all of my crocheted gifts. But, then my mom got sick and almost died. She got to come home on Christmas Eve, but we spent the entire week before Christmas in hospital waiting rooms, and I couldn't very well crochet my sisters gift while she was sitting right next to me!

It took me some time to get her set finished (photography, toddler, had a baby, then a newborn etc), but, by the time the weather started to turn cool again, it was done and she loved it!

This set is available in my Etsy Shop!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Kids, My Sunshine, My World

Part 1: Many moons ago, I'd pinned this on Pinterest. I sing You are My Sunshine to my two girls all the time. I changed the words when my second was born from 'only sunshine' to 'little sunshine', because I now have two little sunshines in my life! However, I'd never gotten around to creating my 'masterpiece'.

Part 2: I'd recently posted about my friend Alice's husband, Alex,who had gone missing. While I commend so many friends who posted and posted about helping to find him, the ending was not what we were praying for, and he was found after he'd passed away.  At his funeral, Alice spoke of his love for his children (ages 22 months and 4 months). Two of the things that he'd once said, I could not get out of my mind. They were so true, and so full of love. I knew that these words were special. I decided to create two additional pieces of wall art to flank my 'Sunshine Art', using the things that Alex had said. These are the pieces I came up with. It just so happened that the colors Yellow, Black, and Gray are special to Alice, and remind her of Alex. The fact that these colors matched perfectly with the Sunshine piece makes it even more perfect in my mind.

Now I will hang the 'Sunshine Art' and the 'Words of Love' art in my children's room. To me, they are just perfect.

I will continue to pray for comfort and peace for Alice and her two babies. There will be many hard days ahead of them, and I ask that all my readers please keep them in your hearts and prayers as well.

*Anyone wanting to purchase Alex's Words of Love may contact me at 100% of the profits will go to The Blevins Children Education Fund

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bell Bottom Leg Warmers and Flower Headband!

New listing in the Etsy Shop! Custom Hand Made Bell Bottom Legwarmers and Flower Headband! I love this set (and my little model too)!

A custom designed cozy little set for the sweet little girl in your life! This set will be made in whichever colors you desire!

When you place this order, please send which colors you would like for the leg warmers, headband, flower petals, and flower center. The 'ring' around the center of the flower will be made to match the headband unless stated otherwise! Please also let me know if you'd like a yarn with several different shades in it (as shown) or a solid color. If you have a yarn in mind, you can send me a link and I'll purchase it for your item. Doing this, however, may result in an additional charge if it is higher priced than my standard yarn.

The Item will ship within 2-4 weeks, though rushing will be available for an additional charge.

These items are also listed for purchase separately.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Site to See!

I love when I find a new blog to follow. Sometimes, I really get into a slump of what to cook, what to wear, where to shop, where to eat, or somewhere for my creative outlet.

This new Site to See is a cooking blog of a mom with 2 young girls (much like myself, no wonder I like her!). Her recipes are down to earth and simple. Most importantly for me, and the limited groceries in my town, you can find most of her ingredients at even the more basic grocery stores!

Follow this blog and get ready for some yummy times!


I've recently decided to try couponing... Hey, what can I say, the people on TLC's Extreme Couponing make it look so fun (ok, not really fun, but saving all that money sure looks fun!). A friend of mine recently took a couponing class, and she was so excited about it, well, I'm giving it a shot!

There are so many sites for printing coupons, and even direct from a company's site, however, finding the coupons by mail is the tough part. The 'real' coupons. Not all stores will take the printed ones, only the ones put out in magazines or directly from companies.

Technically, it is illegal to sell coupons. You can go to e-bay and buy coupons there, and you'll notice that all of the listings have a note stating that you're not paying for the coupon, only the clipper's time. Some couponers take issue with this, others don't. It's up to you.

Of course, we all knew it wouldn't be long till someone came up with a website specifically for this purpose...

I just happened to stumble across it, haven't used it yet. But, for those of you who would like to dip your toes in the waters of couponing, this may be something you're interested in!

There is a handeling fee for each coupon, and I haven't found a shipping cost listed, so I'm really not sure what that is, if there is any. It has the coupon value, the expiration date, etc. listed under each item. They also state how many coupons of each product they have, so you may choose to 'buy' as many as you'd like!

If anyone does use this site, please let me know how it goes!

Beechnut Starter Kid

I've gotten this before, so not sure if this is a new one or not. However, these tend to be pretty good deals! Several freebie coupons AND BOGO free coupons. Definietly worth the sign up! If you don't need them, donate them to a food bank please!

Crystal Light

Printable $1.00 coupon from Crystal Light!

P&G Sampler

Did you know you can get a box of free samples and coupons from Procter and Gamble every 3 months?!? It's pretty great! Sign up with your freebie e-mail address, and mark it on your calendars. Go back every 3 months and click the boxes for the samples and coupons that you want! These are usually pretty great samples, and the coupons tend to be for at least a dollar, but usually more! You'll use the same log in information every time. Enjoy!

Hero Nutritionals Sample

 All four of these pictures are on the sample page, so not sure which one is the sample. Sounds like there is a coupon coming with it too! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The little cheap things

I'm a mom of 2u2 ( two kids under the age of two). I try to save where I can! I especially like to save on the things that are just for enjoyment, and are going to be gone and forgotten the moment it's out of sight. They'll never remember the consistency of the cheap play-doh vs the name brand, they'll only know that they look happy in the pictures. The bubbles that they are blowing ( and spilling all over the yard)? Never going to care that I paid 50 cents for them!

So, my cheapie product that I love today? This Dollar Tree bubble bath:

The girls love it! And I love the way it smells! Yummy! Does it produce the most bubbles in the world? No... but, it does make enough to satisfy my 2 little girls, and at a buck, it has definitely provided more than a dollars worth of entertainment!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Things have been a bit stressful for me the past couple of weeks with Christmas. However, have no fear that I'll be back to my regularly frequent postings in no time!