Monday, November 21, 2011

Want Easy Swagbucks?

I was an extreme Swagbucks skeptic at first. Who has time to do everything required to get enough points to be worth anything? Well, after doing Swagbucks for a year now, I have to say I'm a believer. Just spending 10 minutes each day doing the Daily Poll, the NOSO, Searching (till I get points), and Swagbucks TV, I've been able to put quite a bit of cash into my PayPal account!

I'm thrilled because I just found a way to earn even more Swagbucks, and entertain my toddler at the same time. I used to do the Swagbucks TV just every once in a while, because I didn't want to spend the extra time just sitting watching short clips. Today, however, I happened to have the computer on the kitchen table. It was lunch time for my toddler, so I sat her in her booster chair. She saw a puppy on the Swagbucks TV clip and got excited, asking for 'more puppy?' So, I played her a video, and another, and another. I cleaned the kitchen while she watched, when one ended, I just started another one etc.

I earned 12 Swagbucks, got my kitchen clean, and fed my toddler lunch! It was great! Click on the Swagbucks link in the column on the right, and join in the fun!


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