Thursday, January 5, 2012

The little cheap things

I'm a mom of 2u2 ( two kids under the age of two). I try to save where I can! I especially like to save on the things that are just for enjoyment, and are going to be gone and forgotten the moment it's out of sight. They'll never remember the consistency of the cheap play-doh vs the name brand, they'll only know that they look happy in the pictures. The bubbles that they are blowing ( and spilling all over the yard)? Never going to care that I paid 50 cents for them!

So, my cheapie product that I love today? This Dollar Tree bubble bath:

The girls love it! And I love the way it smells! Yummy! Does it produce the most bubbles in the world? No... but, it does make enough to satisfy my 2 little girls, and at a buck, it has definitely provided more than a dollars worth of entertainment!!


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