Saturday, January 8, 2011

FIX Tea 

One serving of FIX Energy Tea is equivalent to drinking 137 cups of green tea in terms of super-antioxidant EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate content!
Instead of drinking 137 cups of green tea, or over 34 liters, have just one (1) serving of FIX Tea! ...Why is that incredible? in addition to getting long lasting all natural energy some other benefits are:
1. Helps to burn more calories = maintain or lose body weight!
2. Helps to remove toxins from the body = look and feel better!
3. Helps to forestall aging = look younger longer!
4. Helps to enhance your mood = feel good all day!
5. Helps to protect you at the cellular level with amazing antioxidant levels!

. . . No additional participation required unless stated otherwise!


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