Sunday, September 25, 2011

So, name brand is always better huh?

Guess this will be a product review! My first one!

My husband and I have no problem using 'off brand' diapers. Lets face it, it's something they pee into, why spend extra $$ if they work right? So, we've been using Parent's Choice (Walmart) and Up and Up (Target) for our 2 girls. 

This weekend, P&G had a diaper changing station set up at our county fair, and they were also handing out free diapers. So, we got about 15 (very nice of them!) in various sizes. We put my 19 month old in a size 6 Pampers last night. She normally wears size 5, but, sometimes wets through them. We thought "hey, won't have to change the sheets in the morning!"

Boy, were we wrong! She was completely drenched. Her pajamas were soaked, sheets, pillow, blanket and stuffed animals. ALL, soaked. Even when she wets through normally, it's never this bad.

So, my overall rating? Not the best! Now of course, that's just my family. I know plenty of other people who have the opposite issues! And my daughter usually drinks 2 bottles or sippies through the night, as many toddlers don't.


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