Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Kids, My Sunshine, My World

Part 1: Many moons ago, I'd pinned this on Pinterest. I sing You are My Sunshine to my two girls all the time. I changed the words when my second was born from 'only sunshine' to 'little sunshine', because I now have two little sunshines in my life! However, I'd never gotten around to creating my 'masterpiece'.

Part 2: I'd recently posted about my friend Alice's husband, Alex,who had gone missing. While I commend so many friends who posted and posted about helping to find him, the ending was not what we were praying for, and he was found after he'd passed away.  At his funeral, Alice spoke of his love for his children (ages 22 months and 4 months). Two of the things that he'd once said, I could not get out of my mind. They were so true, and so full of love. I knew that these words were special. I decided to create two additional pieces of wall art to flank my 'Sunshine Art', using the things that Alex had said. These are the pieces I came up with. It just so happened that the colors Yellow, Black, and Gray are special to Alice, and remind her of Alex. The fact that these colors matched perfectly with the Sunshine piece makes it even more perfect in my mind.

Now I will hang the 'Sunshine Art' and the 'Words of Love' art in my children's room. To me, they are just perfect.

I will continue to pray for comfort and peace for Alice and her two babies. There will be many hard days ahead of them, and I ask that all my readers please keep them in your hearts and prayers as well.

*Anyone wanting to purchase Alex's Words of Love may contact me at 100% of the profits will go to The Blevins Children Education Fund


Vanessa Scott said...

These are beautiful. What a great way to remember your friend. I too hope Alice finds peace.

Sweet Pea said...

Thanks Vanessa! I really enjoyed making them. Alice is hanging in there. She's such a strong mom for her kids and is doing so many things to help them have keepsakes of their dad.

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